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A hearty welcome from jigneshbhai and SWAMi AND others

Hello and Welcome. I am Ranjit Kulkarni

I am a writer based in Bangalore India and the creator of Jigneshbhai, Swami, the old wealthy man (or is it the wealthy old man? 🙂 Never mind) and others.  I have been a corporate executive earlier for over 20 years.

This website is the home of my writing. Here is a bit more on the characters:

Jigneshbhai: My wise friend who understands almost everything (or is it?) and provides sage wisdom from time to time

Swami:  My temperamental friend who often loses patience with Jigneshbhai, asks questions and seeks answers

The wealthy old man in the sprawling bungalow: My old, wise and rich neighbor who speaks cryptically

Deja: The spiritual dog who was a spiritual and yoga teacher in a past life when Swami was his disciple

I reflect on what I see and read and observe, and write about it in the form of articles, stories and books.

Join me in the world of Jigneshbhai, Swami, the wealthy old man (there we go again!) and others.

consider reading my books on the world of jigneshbhai and SWami

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