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writings on investing, life and

a mix of everything else

Hello and Welcome. I am Ranjit Kulkarni

I am a writer based in Bangalore India.  I have been a corporate executive earlier for over 20 years.

This website is the home of all my writing.

I read, observe, research, think and write about things and topics of my interest and of importance to you and hope it is useful and of value to you. I humbly attempt to simplify complexity, provide insights, provoke thought (and a smile), and hopefully improve your life.

I reflect on what I see and read and observe, and write about it in the form of articles, columns, short stories, novellas, fiction and non-fiction books.

You may come across a set of characters.

Jigneshbhai: My wise broker friend who understands investing and provides sage wisdom from time to time

Swami:  My investor friend who often loses patience with Jigneshbhai, asks questions and seeks answers

The wealthy old man in the sprawling bungalow: My old, rich neighbor who has been there and done that successfully in the world of investing. His wisdom is always cryptic and metaphorical, and he often talks in puzzles.

Gyani Baba: Swami’s spiritual guru, an intelligent monk who has an uncanny understanding of modern life

Sam: Swami’s personal trainer who tries to motivate Swami and us to follow a healthy lifestyle but hasn’t succeeded


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Thanks for stopping by and hope you enjoy your stop here!

consider reading my books on investing, life and a mix of everything else

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