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Collection of Trophies

Jan 11, 2020

Play for the love of the game, sportsmen say. It would be interesting to ask them if they would play the game even if they lost every time. Easier said than done.

We play a lot of games willy nilly throughout our life. Most of the time we play them for the trophies, not the love of the game.

It starts from after childhood. The pursuit of success is the pursuit of trophies, in whatever game you choose to play.

On its own it may not be that bad. Trophies give goals and purpose. It is not the trophies that are the problem.

It is the desire for trophies that becomes the problem. Focus on the trophies but don’t desire them. Develop the love of the game.

As long as the desire for trophies exists and overpowers the love for the game, the collection of trophies will continue. Only their form and names and which game they are for will change.

So the next time you are doing something, just ask yourself whether it is another trophy you are pursuing or is it a game you truly want to play?

If it is the desire for trophies that is driving you, you might end up with a collection of trophies. But then when will you enjoy the game?


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