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Courage before Clarity

Jan 20, 2020

We demand clarity before taking any step. But before clarity, we need courage. Why courage? Because clarity just gives comfort to decisions we have already taken based on courage. If we haven’t taken the decision, we seek more clarity. It’s a mask.

“But with all the confusion about GDP growth and when the recovery will happen, and with markets near all-time highs, how are you saying continue investing?” Swami asked Jigneshbhai.

“If your horizon is over 10 years, all you need is some courage before more clarity” Jigneshbhai asserted.

This is true in areas beyond investing too. Not every decision is one of courage, but many are.

Whenever we ask for more clarity, beyond a point, it is a good indication of lack of courage.

Investors asking too many questions about economy, markets, companies and policies is a good sign that they don’t want to invest.

Employees asking too many questions about a job role or company or its future prospects is a good sign that they don’t want to take it up.

Prospective customers asking too many questions about a product or service, features and pricing is a good sign that they don’t want to buy it.

A need for clarity masks the underlying lack of courage.

We decide to do things first and then seek more clarity. When we seek clarity beyond a point, we have decided not to do it. Therefore Jigneshbhai was right.

We need more courage before we need more clarity.


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