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Deja comes

Feb 17, 2020

It was like every other weekend coffee conversation. But it was not.

Swami and Jigneshbhai were having their usual question answer session. The questions weren’t ending and the answers weren’t starting. I don’t want to get into the details of the discussion because they are not relevant today.

The wealthy old man was sitting on the table next to ours. He had come much earlier today.

“Who is speaking?” Swami asked Jigneshbhai suddenly.

Jigneshbhai had not uttered a word. Swami looked at me. I was also silent.

“What is this new prank you guys are upto?”

Jigneshbhai and I looked at each other in a bemused manner.

“Don’t pull my leg. Why are you telling me to shut up and listen when you aren’t speaking?” Swami continued.

Jigneshbhai and I started wondering whether Swami was having hallucinations.

Swami looked at the wealthy old man who was sitting at the next table. He had his normal cryptic expression. He wasn’t speaking.

But next to him today was a small cute dog, the type that is long and short with big ears. I mean short in height but long in length, almost near the ground. The dog was sitting next to the old man. He was staring at Swami.

What happened thereafter none of you will believe. Swami asked for a pen and paper in a hurry.

“He is asking me to fetch a pen and paper” he declared, pointing at the dog.

Jigneshbhai and I thought Swami had gone crazy. We were shocked at what was happening, but quickly called the waiter to get one. After about ten minutes, Swami gave us the paper which had this written on it.

I am a dog but listen to me carefully
I used to be a yoga and spiritual teacher in an earlier life
I died and my soul got this dog’s body
Now I see the world of humans from this body
It has given me a new perspective
I can understand humans and dogs, though I must say dogs are easier
You are the only one who can hear me but your friends can’t
That’s because you were my favourite student in an earlier life
Next time order some bread for me with your coffee
You can call me Deja

That is how Deja the dog came into the world of Jigneshbhai and Swami and the wealthy old man.


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