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Learning by Doing

Jan 9, 2020

Most people go online when they want to learn about something; Google being the starting and often the endpoint. Followed by YouTube, Udemy and the like if they want a deeper dive.

These sources make it easy to get information, knowledge and form an opinion. It is often shallow but sufficient for the moment. If it is a bit deeper it is forgotten over time. May provide some knowledge for a while, but not the best way to learn anything valuable and internalize it permanently.

The most internalized learning is the one learnt by doing. It applies to the most mundane to the most abstract learning.

Want to learn advanced excel or a new programming skill? Try doing it for a few days yourself.

Want to learn writing or painting? Try actually writing and painting for a few days.

Want to learn if direct stock or mutual fund investing is better? Try out both for a while and see what works for you.

Despite Jigneshbhai’s wise nuggets, Swami learnt what worked for him the most only after a few experiments with real money and is still learning.

Want to know if meditation and spirituality work? Try them out for 30 days and check it out for yourself.

Which works better – cardio or strength training? Which diet programs work? Try them for short periods and see for yourself.

In this way, the theory may be someone else’s but the experiences and conviction from the experiments are yours. The mind remembers them longer.

The lessons learnt are the final word for you, on what works for you, what doesn’t, as done by you. Learning by doing is the best way to learn anything.

But don’t take my word for it. Try it for yourself when you want to learn about something next time.


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