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Level Up

Jan 21, 2020

“One arm after the other, one pedal after another, and one foot in front of the other. For seven hours plus”.

That’s what Sam said when Jigneshbhai and I asked him how he managed to finish the Ironman triathlon. The arms for swimming 2 km, the pedals for cycling 90 km and the foot for running 21 km in the event called the ultimate test of human endurance. Sam, Swami’s personal trainer, had completed the event a couple of months back.

“It’s not as tough as it looks” Sam continued. “It’s a matter of Leveling Up.”

Sam made it sound easy. He truly believed it.

To make us believe it, he added “two years back, I didn’t know swimming.”

“All I did was to add a few metres everytime I trained for the past year and a half.”

The effects of a little progress every day are astonishing. We are tuned to making heroes out of sudden improvements. But the results of Leveling Up everyday over long periods are unbeatable.


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