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Perfection and Judgement

Jan 6, 2020

Pursuit of perfection is a worthy goal but often masked under that is the fear of being judged for not being perfect.

Most things improve till a point after which they don’t improve.

As a writer, I often hold back publishing a lot of what I have written trying to perfect it over and over again. You reach a point where any more work on it does not lead to any improvement. In fact it often leads to spoiling it.

And then nothing goes out to the world.

Perfect is the enemy of good enough, but worse, it is often also a friend of the fear of judgement.

The need to be seen as not bringing what you think is trash to the world overpowers the need to bring something due to the fear of judgement.

But often, something is better than nothing. Even if rejected, ridiculed or failed. Eventually it’s atleast something. And it helps you overcome the fear of judgement and liberates you.

How does one overcome this?

By regular practice and deliberate compassion.

Regular Practice so that you have a system by which you know and can sense when you are reaching close to being good enough of whatever is it that you are pursuing.

Deliberate Compassion so that you are kind to yourself and know it is ok to stop any further pursuit of perfection because what is done is good enough.

By following these steps one realizes that there is nothing like perfection. It is only an image in the mind which is self created. This learning is liberating.

Once there is no fear of judgement, the imaginary pursuit of perfection disappears.

Good enough is then good enough. Who cares about perfection?

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  1. Anonymous

    Good enough is good enough is a big step in the journey of self love!


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