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Jigneshbhai and Swami: No Laughing Matter This Investing




Investing is not always fun. But it can be funny. Especially with so many things happening every day in the world of investing and with my friends around. So, meet my friends:

Jigneshbhai: My broker friend who understands investing and provides sage wisdom from time to time, though not always in black and white. Like in most things in life, he believes that the questions you ask are more important than the answers. And he rarely provides clear answers.

Swami: My investor friend who often loses patience with his investments, with himself, and with the happenings around him – often leading to confusion. He often turns to my broker friend for answers, which he seldom gets.

The wealthy man in the sprawling bungalow: My old, rich neighbour who has been there and done that successfully in the world of investing. His wisdom is always cryptic and metaphorical, and he often talks in puzzles. Only Jigneshbhai seems to understand him, often leaving me and Swami scratching our heads.

This is a collection of my sometimes frequent, sometimes infrequent coffee conversations with Jigneshbhai and Swami. While they speak on so many topics, investing is one of their pet subjects and the set of articles in this book are related to their conversations on investing.

Investing is not a one-time activity where you save money, create a plan and invest accordingly, and its done. I and Swami wish it was. But Jigneshbhai assures us that it isn’t that simple.

It is a lifelong journey, often a roller coaster ride with its ups and downs, and with all the spoils of a good Hindi movie. As they say, isme drama hai, emotion hai, comedy hai, tragedy hai. Basically, it is something that is part of life itself. And in life, there are so many things and events happening. Some of them you take seriously, others you laugh it off.

My friends Jigneshbhai and Swami are witness to all those events and experience the same emotions and mood swings that most of us undergo when events like these happen in our journey of life and investing. Their coffee conversations reflect those emotions and swings, especially those of Swami. Jigneshbhai often tries to pacify Swami or give him some Investing Gyan but is not always successful. The old wealthy man has been there and done that but has reached a stage in life where he doesn’t really explain everything clearly to everyone, not to me and Swami for sure. Sometimes Swami and I get him, most of the times we do not. But our friend Jigneshbhai does seem to get him often.

In any case, this is a collection of these coffee conversation from the past (2011-2016) and reference many of the events around investing and economy that happened during that period. The events and conversations may be topical and reflect the mood of the moment at that time, but often the wisdom that they reflect is timeless. I hope you enjoy reading these conversations and break into a smile while reading them. More importantly, I hope they speak to you as well.

Sometimes, conversations over coffee can say a lot. Especially the ones with Jigneshbhai, Swami and the wealthy old man in the sprawling bungalow.

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