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The Good, The Bad and The Silly




Get Ready for Swami and Jigneshbhai!

The one thing that Jigneshbhai likes is a quite life. But his restless friend doesn’t let him have much of it. Especially when it comes to his health. “My cholesterol has gone up. My triglycerides are also on the higher side, The sugar level is also not very comfortable. I am on the edge of being prediabetic,” Swami announced, and that was just the start.

When that innocent health check-up report was seen by Raji Periamma, it leads to Swami and Jigneshbhai meeting a specialist. And it turns out to be only the first step in a series of unexpected episodes. It starts with an accidental meet with astrologers, leads them to a funny drunkard and results in some unnecessary action at the cinema hall. It starts a set of funny coincidences and uneasy trickery leading up to a temple visit that shakes Swami’s faith. As Jigneshbhai and Swami manoeuvre this motley group of the bad and the silly, it takes a speech and a doctor’s appointment for the confusion to unwind and let the multiple cats out of the multiple bags!

The author builds an intriguing tale of good vs evil through a set of motley silly characters and everyday situations that accompany Swami’s book smartness and Jigneshbhai’s street smartness. Often delving into the difference between knowledge and wisdom with philosophical musings, the author peppers them with tongue-in-cheek humour. The characters of the wealthy old man and a spiritual talking dog Deja add a taste of comic wisdom.

Ranjit Kulkarni takes us on a ride with Jigneshbhai and Swami in his debut novel – a ride that is a mix of humour and wisdom, and as the title aptly suggests a mix of the good, the bad and the silly.

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